Why MCP?


Private Equity represented ~2% of total Institutional Investors’ Portfolios in 2009.  Venture Capital, a subasset class of PE, comprises less than half of this 2% (ref. The Business of Venture Capital, Mahendra).  There are weaknesses to traditional Venture Capital that are not currently being addressed by VC Funds.

At MCP we believe that the VC industry must evolve in order to attract investors and increase portfolio allocation.  Our goal is to create funding structures that address the below weaknesses…

Weaknesses of Traditional Venture Capital:

  • Limited investment transparency
  • Lack of liquidity, long investment time horizons
  • Valuation challenges for early-stage start ups
  • Low availability of capital for funding requests <$1M

Our approach will deliver the following:

  • Greater transparency for investment decisions
  • Shorter investment horizons, greater liquidity
  • Deal structuring to alleviate early-stage valuation concerns
  • Capital availability for those seeking <$500K